The Kozm Yoga Short - Made for Yoga, Good for Everything Else You Do

Made for Mindfulness.

Kozm started with an intention - to provide mindfully made goods for men who practice yoga 🧘🏽‍♂️. We know not all mindful men practice yoga, but it’s likely they do. Our shorts are grounded in yoga but made for everything else. Whether you wear them in the studio, at your home office, or out in nature, the Kozm shorts are made to take you through your mindful journey, on and off the mat.

The Kozm Yoga Short isn’t just for yoga...but damn, it sure does work for yoga.

When we set out to make our first core product for the brand, we knew it would be a yoga short. We also knew that we didn’t want another synthetic fiber (polyester, nylon, etc.) short because that’s exactly what we’d been wearing, and - let me tell you - we were done wearing boardshorts to yoga. We were done too, with products that didn’t align with our values or our expectations for how goods should be made.

And so, we turned to the natural fibers that we knew best: Cotton and hemp. And we’re so glad we did.

Ditch synthetic. Align with your values. The Kozm Yoga Short is a perfect blend of style, comfort, sustainability, performance, and durability. The cotton and hemp blend is breathable and offers an inherently antimicrobial benefit. This means you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) wash these as often as you think. Hemp breaks in, not down, getting better and better along your journey. Just like you.

Made in small batches.

The Kozm Yoga Short - Made Fair With Care in Downtown Los Angeles. Open Book Business model (that means a transparent business model, where we tell you everything), available at