Bret Brown

bret brown
Bret Brown is a painter/illustrator, surfer, therapist, yogi, father. He could also be called a tuning fork: keen to vibrations of all sorts, attuned to a personal chord. His artwork is heavily influenced by the Southern Californian pop, surf, skate and punk cultures of the 70’s and 80’s. The Buddhist concepts of scale invariance and inter-connectedness play largely in his work, and he explores personal, social, and humanistic themes. Bret grew up surfing in Southern CA, then fled the crowds to climb mountains at age 18. On a climb in Ecuador he was told about Vipassana meditation. Then in a handful of months, his dad was diagnosed with cancer and died within two weeks, his grandmother died, he split up with his girlfriend, Sept. 11 happened, and he lost his airline job. Depression, anger, and anxiety ensued. He sat with the monks at Abhayagiri and Wat Pah Nanachat monasteries for hours a day, and later began practicing with Ashtanga master Richard Freeman. He developed his #meditation and #yogapractice for years. “In some ways it saved my life,” he said. Suffering is fertile ground for art, and for growth. He got his 200hr yoga teacher training and later became a licensed therapist, working with at-risk youth, and teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation. Bret said, “Yoga helps me continue to surf, be an engaged parent and husband, and calm my body, which is vitally important in this age of overstimulation.”
bret brown artbret brown artwork