Chet Thomas

Chet Thomas, master of highly technical street skating, has been inspiring people for two decades. He pioneered the hard flip, was an early proponent of skating switch, and flowed with an individual style. He didn’t try to ollie over the Grand Canyon, he just pushed the forefront of modern street skating, in the same places we all walk and drive everyday.

He has the talent, and dedication to skate endlessly, which most people don’t. That’s why Chet’s the man. He has slammed on pavement as many times as you would expect of someone who dedicated their life to skating at the highest level.

 Out of necessity, he realized the power of being your own best witch doctor, and focusing your mind on healing yourself. “Without yoga I wouldn’t be able to skate everyday,” he said. Yoga was a means to skate, but ended up becoming a pursuit of its own for Chet. He is as dedicated on the mat as he is on the concrete, and brings his consciousness to the development of strength and flexibility in all aspects of his being.

chet with wife and babychet skating