Open Book Business Model: OBB

Imagine the day when you know what you’re really getting. When there aren’t any “gotchas!” 10 years later; or even 10 days later. We’re not perfect and won’t claim to be, but we will let you know what’s going on behind the products that you’re spending your money on. Nothing to hide here; right or wrong.

How it works: we tell you where we source things, who we’re buying them from, how much we paid for them, and then what our price to you is. You’re well aware that the only way we can continue to be a part of the new disruptive economy is to pay for our overhead, pay ourselves, and put money back into the company. Yes, there’s profit built in, but it’s reasonable. Perhaps more importantly, we’re not chasing the lowest costs around the globe, so we won’t be the cheapest, but you’ll be able to decide for yourself if you support the decisions we made along the way; from fiber to fabric, cutting to sewing, and then packaging to shipping.

Each product comes with an OBB graphic like the one below:

The Kozm yoga short open book business model graphic