7 More Sustainable Gifts for Dads That Are Rad


So, Dad’s been talking about this sustainability thing, eh? Well, why not stoke him out this Father’s Day?

There are too many more sustainable options out there not to.

Whether your guy (Dad, husband, grandpa, or other) is into surfing, skating, yoga, music, or more there are brands and products out there that are doing it better. Brands and products that are powered with renewables (energy and/or materials), they’re made with repurposed materials, recycled contents, a social purpose and more. They’re Certified B Corps or they’re not, but they’re all contributing to this new economy (nice work, Dad for being so tuned-in), so let’s support them.

Are you on the lookout for a great Father’s Day gift that won’t break the bank and doesn’t break the planet either?

You’re in luck – here’s your Sustainable Gift Guide for Father’s Day:

Check out these suggestions that go beyond just the Kozm goods that we offer:

Dad’s into yoga lately?

It’s simple, and you don’t need much. A pair of shorts, maybe a shirt, and a mat. Stoking Dad out with some new yoga gear will be a great incentive for him to get on the mat, and dedicate some time to mind and body. When looking for a gift, try these more sustainable options:

Kozm Yoga Shorts – Made with organic cotton and hemp. Way less impact on the environment than conventional/synthetic fiber shorts. Did you know that upwards of 65% of a product’s environmental impacts are associated with the raw materials and the way those raw materials are sourced? That’s cotton, polyester, viscose and more…Choosing organically grown cotton and/or recycled contents will always win in a life cycle analysis.

Kozm Yoga Tees – Made with Recover upcycled cotton and blended with recycled polyester (rPET), these tees are the perfect fit for yoga and they have a Kozm anchor – a loop on the inside front hem that will let you attach your shirt to your shorts for more modern inversions – hey, we can’t all have a six-pack!

Suga Yoga Mat – Made from recycled wetsuits. Hey, they’ll even take Dad’s old wetsuit that’s taking up space in the garage. Our Co-founder, Derek Sabori has had one since the original Kickstarter; it’s awesome.

His review?

Dad’s a Surfer?

Same thing – pretty simple here. Just a board, a wetsuit and some wax. Let’s just remind Dad to get out there after a good stretch and maintain his time out in the water; it’s good for the soul.

A certified Ecoboard – “What the heck?” you ask?

It’s a surfboard made with more sustainable materials that’s been verified by our buds over at Sustainable Surf. We’re talking recycled eps foam (perhaps Marko Foam), a bio-based, ultra-low VOC epoxy resin like Entropy Resins, and more.

Gift Tip?

Our friends at Firewire Surfboards only make boards that carry this stamp. In fact, since 2014, they’re the only board manufacturer to make this full commitment…AND they make Kelly Slater’s Slater Designs; that’s gotta say something too, right!? Recycled EPS core, bio-based Entropy resin. Way better!

Wondering if an Ecoboard is good enough for Kelly Slater, arguably the G.O.A.T.? Here’s your answer:

Keeping warm – Depending on where you’re at in the world, you’ll likely need a wetsuit. But how to choose?

Well, start by choosing better. How about a Patagonia wetsuit made from…trees!? Well, kind of. It’s the first natural rubber, neoprene-free wetsuit. FSC certified natural rubber beats out petroleum-based neoprene any day. And PS, like us at Kozm, Patagonia is a DoneGood approved brand. Learn more about that here.

Don’t forget the wax – our favorite more sustainable surf wax? Matunas – “non-toxic, biodegradable, petroleum-free, eco-friendly surf wax, made using local ingredients in California straight from the farm.” It can be a little tough to find at times, but it’s out there and we love it.

Lastly, maybe Dad’s a skater who loves playing guitar?

If that’s the case – heck, even if he’s NOT a skater – you’ll win him over with this beauty; a custom guitar made of old, repurposed skateboard decks from the brand Prisma. Beautifully, hand-crafted in San Francisco, CA, Prisma creates one-of-a-kind guitars made from used and broken skateboards. They are epic. And OK, this one breaks the bank a little bit, but wow…so worth it.

Wondering how it’s done?

So there you go. 7 more sustainable gifts that will keep Dad stoked (and healthy) for at least a year (we’ll revisit things next Father’s Day).

A purchase of any of these products supports business that is moving in the right direction AND…

You’re going to stoke out Dad. All in one shot.

Gift or no gift…

And hey, whether or not you decide on a gift for him or not, give Dad a call. Write him a letter, show up on his doorstep, but no matter what, show him a little love. And if you’re the Dad – Happy Father’s Day!