The Ingenius Yoki


If you know, you know: Yoki is Jeff Yokoyama, a highly esteemed apparel designer.

Yoki impacted surf style through brands he founded, like Maui and Sons in the early days, Pirate Surf, and later Modern Amusement and Generic Youth. Yoki designs, makes and sells his product direct through Yoki Shop in Newport Beach and at

He is a perennial force, always at the edge of discovery in style, always pushing ahead, in tune with youth and new ways of thinking, the as seasons (and decades) change. He is a master of repurposing too, constantly making small batches of original designs out of discards and re-used materials, as we live in a time when conservation is more important than ever. His creations are part fashion, part function, part found object/art.

“It’s sort of like the bakery concept: make fresh daily, sell to the neighborhood and tastemakers from around the world; then, wake up the next day to make all new stuff again,” he once said.

In this video, he talks about a very limited collab he did with Kozm, upcycling towels that were being thrown away, and turning them into premium yoga towels with a backing made of blended hemp and recycled polyester from plastic bottles.