Welcome to Kozmic Endeavors


We had planned, designed, drafted and built for months. Friday it was time to celebrate.

Enough cyberspace, let’s get face to face!

Though much of Kozm exists online, our work also came to fruition with a physical manifestation — Kozmic Endeavors.


It was blast to have everyone came out to Pacific Ashtanga in Dana Point. The space where we have spent so many early mysore mornings was transformed into an evening of community and good times, film and music.

Our pop up shop allowed everyone to get their hands on the stuff we’ve been making and experience the Kozm family vibe first hand.

While guests ate and drank, we fired up the projector and showed “We’re All Regulars,” our first production, starring street skater and yogi Chet Thomas. Records were spun by Reverberation Radio. All ages were welcome, and it was a true community event with the kids going nuts, and the adults reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Seeing all your beautiful faces was so rewarding — this is the first of many more!