Why Kozm?


We just want more guys to get to the mat and experience the benefits of yoga. We also hope to help them look better once they’re there, and prove that business can be done better. Not only can it look better, but it can be better.

We took everything we knew about brand building and sustainable fashion and mashed them together. Troy and I knew a little about both as we spent upwards of 20 years each at the action sports brand Volcom where Troy was the EVP of Marketing, and Derek was the VP of Sustainability.

It was Troy’s search, however, for an appealing mens yoga short that led him to believe there was an opportunity here; he couldn’t find a short that spoke to him aesthetically, or consciously.

We didn’t just want to build another brand. We wanted to build something that packed a message, and that could help drive change. If you’re reading this, you’re a part of that movement – so thank you.

We urge you to explore The Story and The Way on our website at www.thekozm.com to learn more about our Certified B-Corp(TM) business model. Check out too, the product story for each style – we share all the sustainability features and benefits, and hide nothing; its an open book business model. Transparent supply chain, transparent costing.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you appreciate Kozm as much as we’ve appreciated building it.

Derek Sabori & Troy Eckert, Kozm Ko-Founders