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Kozm Crew

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The Kozm crew is an instant classic and is the 2nd of 4 styles in our A|S (All Seasons) French Terry collection. Raglan cut sleeves, a slightly more open & stylish neck opening and a modern slim (not skinny) fit all around. Thumbholes at the cuffs, and a vintage-inspired cropped waist. Dressing down never looked so good.

Things You'll Appreciate: 

  • This crew sweatshirt dresses up, just as well as it dresses down. Meaning you can wear it with jeans just as well as your Kozm Yoga Shorts. Try it as a daily layering piece for a sharp look. 
  • Made with Recover fibers, these pieces hold their form and have great lasting quality. As with all our goods - wash only as needed (not every time you wear) to benefit the garment and the planet.
  • Caution - you may not want to wear anything besides this every day. Sorry ;)