Dan Nevins


Dan Nevins quickly emerged as someone we wanted to work with. If you think coming back from a slam on concrete or getting caught inside on a big day is brutal, try Dan’s path. He lost his legs below the knees in Iraq and came home motivated. With prosthetic legs, he climbed mountains and rode his bike all over the world. He was an executive and led a team.

He “self-medicated with achievement,” as he put it. But when the magic of that wore off, dark thoughts wouldn’t leave him alone. He called a friend for help and she said, “Do yoga.” He said, “I’m a dude. I own guns and eat meat.” she bugged him, however, until he went. He couldn’t believe how hard it was. He went more. Dan experienced transformation, empowerment, and joy.

He found the physical practice was a gateway. It connected him to emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of his being. Now deep into his practice, he shares the power of yoga with others, teaching and speaking to thousands each year around the globe. He helps veterans and non-veterans come together, heal and create in the positive. Apparently being tough-as-nails and living with compassion are two sides of the same coin.