Kasper van der Meulen


Kasper van der Meulen is an author and lifestyle adventurer. He went from being overweight, burnt out and unhappy, to developing superhuman focus, fitness, and personal freedom. He put himself through numerous experiments and challenges. He optimized his lifestyle, conquered the cold, ran ultramarathons on his bare feet, tested countless diets, read a ton of scientific literature and explored as many esoteric practices he could find. With over ten thousand hours of experience in teaching science, self-mastery and innovation, he decided to demystify and methodize these principles in a fun and bitesized manner. As a final test of his focus, he wrote his book within 30 days, so that he would have to practice everything he preaches.

His book “MindLift – Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind” became an Amazon best seller. Kasper now travels the world on a mission to teach others to be the healthiest, happiest and strongest version of themselves through transformative experiences and down-to-earth scientific understanding. He is the teachers-teacher of the Wim Hof Academy, he runs experiential retreats in extreme nature and he trains elite performers and professional athletes. All while keeping a playful and creative approach to self-optimization.

“My first step was to try and stop consuming altogether, go as minimal as possible, stop wanting useless things and only buying products I 100% agree with. And it’s been surprisingly difficult! Luckily I met these guys from Kozm who make amazing upcycled, recycled, organic and fairly produced yogaminded clothing for men. The time that big corporations can get awaywith exploiting people and natural resources is coming to an end, and I love meeting entrepreneurs who have their social and environmental missions as a much higher priority than profits. So since our missions aligned these guys offered to sponsor me and hook me up with their full line. Much gratitude, let’s make the world a better place together!”

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