We are proud to be part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. ™

The textile industry sends up to 200 million pounds of toxic dye into rivers and oceans each year. We are doing something about that.

We are proud to be part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. ™

The textile industry sends up to 200 million pounds of toxic dye into rivers and oceans each year. We are doing something about that.

The Way

We want our grandkids to one day think, “Grandpa was switched on,” not, “What was the old guy thinking with that scheme back in 2016?”


From day one, being aware of our impacts and taking responsibility for them was a major part of our mission.

We question everything from sourcing materials and manufacturing, to banking and product lifecycle. We’re fully committed to building our products with the most sustainable materials available. Our products are crafted in the USA, in small batches, by fairly paid workers. We’re not trying to run a salt mine. We want the people we work with to say thank god it’s Monday, not Friday.

The birth of a Kozm product. JS Apparel, Carson, CA.

And we don’t give an inch on product — we only make premium quality goods. The longer they last, the less we have to make. We encourage our customers to return their Kozm clothes to us once they reach the end of their useful life. We’ve partnered with The Renewal Workshop to refurbish them for new life, or recycle them; anything but send them to the landfill. Fair to people, fair to the planet. To us, these values should be standard in every business.

Cotton textile waste beginning the upcycle process, Recover Mill - Acilante, Span
Cotton Textile waste beginning the upcycle process. Recover mill, Alicante, Spain.

We’ve partnered with Recover textiles because they upcycle used cotton clothing and cut and sew scraps into quality yarns using 99% less water. Their upcycle process also uses NO reactive dye chemicals and has an exceptionally low carbon output. This is the process used to make many Kozm goods. Recover has been changing the way things are done since 1947. We are changing the way things will be done starting now.


We’re not in this just to punch the clock. We aim to spread mindfulness, and we’ve built karma yoga — being of service to others — into our model from day one.

We give 5% of each sale to yoga empowerment programs. Repeated studies have shown yoga and meditation reduce PTSD, depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions so we support the creation of projects like the Warrior Spirit Retreat, that heals veterans who have been injured in war. This provides a path for our entire society to come together.

Stuff like this is why we come to work everyday.

Kozm regular, Dan Nevins.

We’re Direct

It’s 2016, there’s internet pretty much everywhere, and we’re direct to you, our customer. You won’t find Kozm in brick and mortar retail stores.

Selling direct enables us to deliver highly responsible, premium products to you at far below traditional retail (which is often a 4x mark up over original cost*).

We balance our profit margins with aparigraha, one of the five rules for right living in the yoga tradition. It means taking only what is needed, not more.

*Retailers may mark up even more or less, depending on what the market demands. We’re using this as a general rule of thumb.


We only mark our product up to what is considered wholesale pricing. Those savings are your gains. We think honesty goes a long way, so we’ll show you our costs on everything we make. We’re in business, sure, but we’ve got nothing to hide. Just click on ‘The Cost’ link on each style and see for yourself.

Made fair with care

We currently make all of our products in the USA because it gives us hands on oversight of every step of production, and it reduces our carbon impact. There’s no complex global supply chain. We know where everything we’re making comes from, and we’re in close touch with the people making it.

JS Apparel Carson | California
Business as unusual at our cut and sew partner, JS Apparel, Carson, CA.

We are a certified B Corporation®

The first decision we made was to legally register Kozm as a CA Benefit Corporation. We are committed to holding ourselves to B Corp standards. This provides us a framework to make sure we’re always doing things in a way that is better for our workers, our community and the environment. And within the first year of being in business, we met our goal of becoming a Certified B Corp™. Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations® are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but also on their stakeholders (e.g., workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment).


We bank with New Resource Bank, a triple bottom line bank that invests in businesses and nonprofits that benefit communities and preserve our planet.

A different way hopefully foments a different outcome. We started Kozm because we believe business can be a powerful instrument for change. If you’ve read this far, chances are you feel the same.

Here’s to doing business as unusual so it becomes the usual.