Todd Morcom

todd morcom

After a successful amateur surf career in the 90s, Todd Morcom withdrew for the competitive scene to pursue immense walls of water at wild beach breaks deep in Mexico. Over years he developed the skill and knowledge of a true underground maestro, bare-handing one of the most cartoonishly huge and perfect tube rides ever witnessed in Puerto Escondido. It was the paddle-in tube ride heard around the world, proving another level was out there. In massive surf in 2013, a brutal wipeout left him with a compound fracture of his lower leg.

Through surgery and a long rehabilitation, he maintained his yoga practice to heal, strengthen and increase flexibility. Todd said, “Yoga is amazing. I love it…it strengthens the body, quiets the mind, and opens the heart…We’re here to thrive not survive.” He now pursues integrative healing through the Wingwork technique aka Rolfing and runs an organic farm…when he’s not surfing or doing yoga.