Yoga is awesome. Transparent business rules. Sustainability is not just a buzzword. People matter. Climate Change is real. Business can be done better. Being outdoors heals. Style matters. Real food saves. Breath is life.

The Kozm Yoga Short - Made for Yoga, Good for Everything Else You Do

Kozm started with an intention - to provide mindfully made goods for men who practice yoga. And while our best selling short, The Kozm Yoga Short was made for yoga, it's more than just a yoga short; it'll work for just about everything else you do on your mindful journey. Made Fair With Care in Downtown Los Angeles of more sustainable fibers: Organic Cotton and Hemp. You'll want to wear these every day.

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A yogi’s perspective

There are 8 limbs of yoga, only one of which is the physical practice. Yoga is many things to people. Here, we find out what it means to Kozm Regular Josh Plotkin. “To know you’re going to have to encounter something you don’t want to do…that really does give you a state shift…it makes doing most anything a lot more accessible,” said Josh. Watch for more.

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